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Vlastnik's Menswear huge inventory means you not only get the best-looking styles by the best shoemakers, but they fit well enough to work right and play nice with your feet!

Quality Shoes for Work, Dress, or Play

Walk the Walk in Footwear that Fits!

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•  Work boots

•  Men's dress shoes

•  Comfort and slip resistant shoes

•  Insulated shoes and boots

•  Safety toes

•  Waterproof boots

•  Width up to EEEE

Shoes and boots for any occasion:

Wolverine Redwing Shoes Hush Puppies Nunn Bush

We sell the most trusted, American-made shoe brands, and we stock them in your size and width. You get great-looking shoes for any occasion with built-in durability and comfort. Let shoes from Vlastnik's Menswear send you on your way in style.